Electronics Retail Chain

Who we are?

Electronics Retail Chain, Arcee Electronics is established with a simple goal: to maximize the value provided to the customers. What started in Vashi in 1986 as a small store, has now grown into a electronics retail chain with a network of 18+ stores situated across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Raigad district. In the future, we aim to further expand our operations in urban markets, while also continuing to replicate our success in hitherto untapped rural markets, catering to customers with different preferences & budgets.

We work with the sole purpose of serving our customers. Along with the exquisite personal touch that Arcee offers, this page is a step towards attaining the virtual goal. Our long serving customers will now be able to connect with us in a better way, whereas new customers will get a gist of what our company offers.

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What we really do?

As one of the oldest electronics stores in Navi Mumbai, we pride ourselves on achieving the perfect balance between product sales & service expertise, and providing customers with a unique homely atmosphere that has led to Arcee being termed as the “Family Store”. An association of over 36 years with the electronics industry has helped us build cordial relations with major national & international brands.

Arcee deals with all electronics products ranging from Television panels, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Air Conditioners, home appliances to Computers, Mobiles, Smart phones, Laptops, Tablets etc. We believe that not only quality product but effective and efficient service completes the circle of business.

36 years of trust.

What you will gain?

Our spacious & elegantly designed showrooms combined with our tech-savvy & well informed staff, provide you the chance to authentically experience every product before making your decision – thus guiding you to discover the product that best suits your needs, and provides the most value for your money. Our large variety of finance options & customer-oriented schemes also eliminate any hassles, and ensures a seamless buying experience.

Since 36 years, we are paving our way in the electronic market with the support of our customers and other well wishers and hope to offer the same service we have been offering all these years.